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welcome to the bean

whats brewing today?

grams of coffee


18.0 grams

This is the dose of freshly roasted coffee that’s ground for your coffee. 



93.5° C

That’s the temperature at which our La Marzocco, the Rolls Royce of espresso machines, brews the perfect drink.

extraction time


24 – 26 seconds

That’s the brew time for each shot of espresso.

grams in the cup


36 grams

That’s the weight of espresso that pours into your cup. We take care of all these details to produce excellent coffee  prepared for each and every individual that comes into our shop. 

come in and see what we have


behind the bean

The Bean in Beeston was founded in 1998 by Silvana who started the business as there was no-where to go to get a good cup of coffee.


The Bean has always strived to produce coffee of exceptional character

our story


We know that when our people are happy, and brilliant at what they do, life is so much better for everyone

our values


what’s brewing today

The beans are from Guatemala, Rwanda, Brazil which we serve up to 14 days days after roasting for the perfect taste. Each order is ground fresh for each individual order.

  • Grams of coffee in the Basket: 18.0g
  • Extraction time: 24-26s
  • Temperature: 93.5 deg C
  • Grams of espresso in the cup: 36g

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work with us

They ‘Wow!’ our customers. They do amazing things. They love their work. So it makes sense to us to create a place where people can be happy and brilliant. The best version of themselves.

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