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meet the family

The Bean

The Bean was founded in Beeston in 1998 as one of the first ‘speciality coffee’ shops in the UK by Silvana who started the business because there was no-where to go to get a good cup of coffee in Nottingham.

Alex, having grown up pulling shots of espresso, took over the running of the business in 2009. He redeveloped the brand and gave focus to the effort to bring amazing tasting coffee, skillfully prepared, to every pair of lips touching a bean cup.


behind the bean

The Bean has always strived to produce coffee of exceptional character. There is both a science and an art of creating a perfect cup, and we try to pursue this goal diligently capturing the enticing aroma of coffee into a dark liquid, but perfection frequently evades capture into a little cup.

The Bean LogoThe Bean has always purchased speciality-grade green coffee scoring at least an 85/100 as based on the Q coffee system. Care is taken in the roasting process in order to bring out some of the intrinsic qualities of the bean that you can experience with a medium roast: sugar-browning chocolate, caramel and roasted nut. This style pairs perfectly with milk.


our coffee

We have been a long time customer of some of the fathers of speciality coffee based in the U.K. Union Coffee, who are unique in that they directly source their coffee from the farmers with whom they have long-term relationships.

This system of direct-trade and paying far more than market prices or fair-trade prices for excellent coffee beans means there is a greater incentive for people to invest in good farming practices and treat and train pickers well so that they know more about coffee (a bit like our baristas).