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We know that when our people are happy, and brilliant at what they do, life is so much better for everyone. They ‘wow’ our customers. They do amazing things. They love their work. So it makes sense to us to create a place where people can be happy and brilliant. The best version of themselves.

Our recruitment process revolves around finding out what people are naturally brilliant at, what motivates them, what they love doing and what they get to do a lot of in their roles.

Armed with this knowledge, we look to spot strengths in everyone who wants to join our team. If the Bean’s strengths listed below genuinely chime with you, you could be exactly what we’re looking for and we might be just the place for you.


roles with us

Lots of roles for tons of people. All important. All fun.


our shop

Working in our shop, you’ll be part of a team that builds a thriving, local community of coffee-loving, Bean regulars. You’ll be expected to put the customer first in everything you do, to be accountable to your team and to come up with fresh ideas about what we can do that’s new, better and smarter. Here are the roles that come together to form a perfect  Bean team:

shop managers

Our Shop Managers act like owners of their own shop, championing our vision of Great Coffee and Vibrant People. Given our full support and guidance, together with bags of autonomy, they’re tasked with building a successful business, a winning team and a local community around their shop. Our Shop Managers use a combination of entrepreneurial flair, business brains, community knowledge and passion for customers, to bring better coffee to their high street.

team leaders

Our Team Leaders wear a variety of hats. Whether it’s organising and guiding the team, coaching others to be their ‘Best Self’, opening and closing a shift or rolling their sleeves up to get stuck into serving and delighting our customers – their role sits at the heart of a successful shop. Our Team Leaders support our Shop Managers to cultivate a Happy team and do all that needs to be done to deliver a great coffee experience to our customers.


Our Baristas live and breathe espresso. They care deeply about the coffee they make and constantly strive to ensure every cup they make is as good as it gets. They balance their time between serving the perfect cup, getting to know what makes our customers unique and waxing lyrical about our coffee credentials. Coffee’s a craft that can never be mastered, and our Baristas are coffee connoisseurs who receive the most comprehensive training program on the high street and learn from the most celebrated in the industry to boot.

team members

Our Team Members warmly welcome our customers into our shops. They’re the true definition of ‘People’ people with a knack for instantly building rapport and delighting our customers. They’re never short of a smile or a friendly word. Their time is spent serving our great coffee and delicious food, and getting to know what makes our customers unique and special so they can genuinely make their day.

kitchen team members

In our kitchens, there’s a small team of food fanatics working tirelessly to make hand-crafted, home-made food that compliments the great coffee we serve. They work around the clock to ensure our counter is full to the brim with food that delights the taste buds. They balance their passion for gastronomy, a talent of working precisely and their eagle eye for detail to deliver good grub to our customers. And it goes without saying; all things health and safety come naturally to them.