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route to enroll

what we look for

We know that when our people are happy, and brilliant at what they do, life is so much better for everyone. They ‘Wow!’ our customers. They do amazing things. They love their work. So it makes sense to us to create a place where people can be happy and brilliant. The best version of themselves. Their “Best Self”.

Our recruitment process revolves around finding out what people are naturally brilliant at, what motivates them, what they love doing and what they get to do a lot of in their roles. We call these peoples’ strengths.

Armed with this knowledge, we look to spot strengths in everyone who wants to join our team. If the Bean’s strengths listed below genuinely chime with you, you could be exactly what we’re looking for and we might be just the place for you.

  • Ownership of their role
  • Authentic
  • Passionate for customers
  • Doer
  • Energiser

what to expect

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the journey you’ll need to take to become part of our team.


We truly believe finding the right job is a two-way thing. It’s as much about you deciding if you like the look of us, as it’s about us getting clear on whether you’re just what we need. Do read up on what life’s like here, and get savvy on how a role with us could play to your strengths. If the world of The Bean still feels spot on, take a look at our open vacancies which are listed under Roles with Us.


spotted your dream role in a shop?

We’ll ask about your strengths and your story online which takes about 30 minutes. No wordy CV’s are required. You can apply to a maximum of 3 shop roles at a time and we only accept one application per person.

spotted your dream role in hq?

You’ll need to drop us your CV (or anything else that tells your life story) and a note telling us why this role would play to your strengths.

interested, but no role for you?

Send us your CV and a few words telling us what you’re brilliant at.

We love to hear from people who are excited about joining us so we’ll get back in touch quickly.


If we like what we read about you, we’ll ask you to meet with us to find out more.

Applying to a shop

You’ll be invited along to an interview designed to discover if a role at The Bean is right for you. You’ll participate in a whole host of different activities; some as a team and some on your one. You’ll also have a chat with a member of the Bean Team about your strengths. Our interview lasts for 2 hours. People say they’re a bit different from other interviews, challenging and insightful and a chance to share who you are.

We know quickly when we meet someone who’ll be brilliant here so we let people know the outcome of an interview within 72 hours. If you’re applying for a Shop Manager role, and all goes well, we’ll next invite you along for a trial shift in a shop to make sure you’re really get under the skin of the role to discover if it’s right for you and for us to see if you’re a duck to water in our shops.

applying to hq

First up, you’ll meet with your potential future manager who’ll be keen to see if you have the knack for what we need in the role you’re applying for. If that goes well, we’ll invite you back in to complete a craft challenge that reflects the sort of puzzles and tasks you’re likely to find in the role. You’ll also get to meet everyone you’d be working with. That’s important to us – we want your team to be excited about working with you. And for you to think they’re not bad too.


  • Your job is simple – be the real you. Let the best bits of you shine and the rest will take care of itself.
  • It’s a two-way thing. Know what you want to find out about us. Ask those burning questions.
  • Your application is a reflection of you. Keep it tidy and looking nice! We’re fussy on this one.
  • Arrive on time or even better, early. Being late never made a great first impression.
  • We’re interested in you not what you wear. Some people wear jeans, some dress- up
  • Drink coffee. Have fun. Smile.